Euregio Tech Community

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Euregio Tech Community

The Euregio Tech Community is a platform for and run by tech-professionals, -students and -companies in the Euregio, the region that connects Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. We bridge the gap between various local initiatives and aim to be a connector in the region to improve collaboration across borders and spawn new projects. In collaborating across borders we seek to leverage the region's full potential. We aspire to be a community that helps each other, that is proud to produce services made in the Euregio and is proud to provide knowledge to peers. Through this we want to foster local entrepreneurship in the region, avoid the brain-drain of high-potential leaving the region and become an integral part of the local economy.

Euregio Events, Academy & Mentoring

We hold regular monthly workshops about dedicated tech and adjacent topics. Within this format we benefit from our own network's expertise as we try to seek out topics where one of our members is an expert in. Therefore, we diffuse knowledge, make it more transparent and improve individual project by providing technology best practices.

While monthly workshops provide best practices in the technology sector, the quarter-annual Web, Wurst, Waffles and Windmills event provides a platform for experienced entrepreneurs to share their experience, new startups get pitch to pitch their business idea and local investors are able to find new companies to invest in. With these events we aim to provide role models for local entrepreneurs and starters and a solid foundation to start a business.

Local entrepreneurship clubs, such as AC.E. e.V. in Aachen, provide the local support infrastructure for day-to-day activities and provide guidance for starters through mentorship, pitch workshops, and access to early stage investors and accelerators. Through this setup we aim to embed startups into local networks as soon as possible to let them leverage on the existing support infrastructure.

Support projects:

To supplement the above mentioned events, we are building up necessary infrastructure for starters and small and medium sized enterprises in Euregio. The following activities aim to provide a nurturing ground for new ventures:

Euregio Co-working alliance

Projects and startups require office space according to their respective development stage. With the alliance we provide a platform to accompany the respective needs of these projects. From providing a launchpad for early stage startups, to medium size co-working spaces up until flexible office spaces for more matured companies. We leverage our network of professionals to provide a transparent platform for individuals and teams to work anywhere they want in the region. Free of borders, and free of overhead.

Euregio Job Platform

We strive to create a job platform for all qualification levels. Internships for students, entry level jobs for graduates and a network for experts as well as freelancers. We understand that a crucial element for companies to succeed is access to a talent pool. Yet, a lot of talented potential employees leave the Euregio. Our platform aims to remedy that issue. By increasing cross-border transparency for potential jobs we want to keep talent in the area.

Euregio Network of support services

Besides focussing on technology, young companies require tax, legal and adminstrative advice. Based on the rich experience of our members we are able to provide proven, i.e. certified, contacts that are able to provide these services. This part of the platform ensures that tech projects create new opportunities for support services and young tech companies can benefit from knowledge of professionals trusted by other peers in the Euregio network.

Are you curious about our activities or do you want to join and participate in the community, feel free to enlist your company via, participate in our meetups via or contact us via [email protected] .